The spirit of continuous improvement and optimization.

How many years have you been worked in the fabric industry?

We're the second generation. We have been exploring for nearly 20 years from the early transition of textiles made of degreasing cloth to current knitting.

Why do you want to take this job from your father ?

Traditional industries supported Taiwan's economic development. With the fast development of time, we think the machines cannot completely replace humans. No one can take those old craftsman's place , and their knowledge and technique need to pass through generations.

Does any young man willing to do this? .

It takes times and patiences to do this sort of work. Everything in the process is knowledge. Interest and enthusiasm are the most important things, if you want to enter this profession.

What's the hardest part of this business ?

Due to the prices is going up, there're more difficult for buying the raw material and the dyeing job.

What's the proudest part of your own product?

The strict on-site control improves the stability of quality and speeds up the delivery.

The quality between the foreign and domestic made product.

For nearly 20 years, we have been focusing on technology breakthroughs and product innovations. The quality of our products will definitely stand the test.

Our products sell well in Europe and America

Trading agents will compare the Europe and America product with ours. It turns out that we're having the good quality and best price.